Food Processing Plant Construction, Engineering & Design Services

Shambaugh & Son's food process engineering group offers almost 200 years of combined food processing plant engineering experience in the design of highly automated hygienic systems for the dairy, beverage, meat, and snack-food industries.

Our specialties lie in the design and construction of FDA, USDA and cGMP facilities, and our Design-Build construction philosophy also ensures accountability for life safety, constructability, serviceability, sanitation, and ergonomic issues.

We have enhanced our ability to improve profitability of our customers' facilities with design that reduces energy and operational costs.

Food processing plant design areas of expertise include:

  • Food-processing plant engineering systems/equipment layout and design
  • Dry materials handling for food processing companies
  • Clean-In-Place (CIP) process design
  • Steam-In-Place (SIP)
  • Process/CIP optimization
  • Product loss reduction
  • Product receiving and storage
  • Batch and continuous product blending
  • Product heat treatment including HTST and UHT systems
  • Filtration, membrane, and centrifugal separation
  • Finished product surge and product filling

Food Processing Plant Modeling

Plant Based Food Association ProudMember_150x150.jpgWe employ 3D BIM models and "real-time" simulation software for liquid batch processing, packaging lines, spiral freezing application that includes complex conveyor and palletizing systems, meat processing and packaging consumer products blending, and packaging productivity enhancements.

We also utilize AutoMod and AutoStat simulation software as qualitative tools for measuring food process equipment performance, eliminating bottlenecks, optimizing resource quantities and efficiency, confirming constructability, estimating actual capacity, and planning for future production capacity.

Food Process Design - Innovations

  • Ingredient Addition Stacks/Vertical Piping
  • Efficient Product Recovery Techniques
  • Cleaning In-Place (CIP) of Contained Processes and of Food Process Equipment
  • Application of Mixproof Valve Technology
  • Membrane Technology as a Continuous Process
  • CIP of Snack Foods/Breakfast Cereal/Fast Foods
  • Simplification of Masa Feed Systems
  • Continuous Blending of Consumer Pharmaceuticals

Food Processing Plant Construction - Capabilities

We design, implement, and maintain Automated Food Processing Systems and Cleaning In-Place (CIP) Systems for a range of product food processing plant categories.

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