Building and Fire Safety Reports

Shambaugh distinguishes itself by offering our clients comprehensive scan-ready building and fire service reports. We place bar codes on every piece of fire protection equipment onsite and scan your inventory into our database.

This allows the client to log in to their customized portal and check the dashboard at their convenience in order to manage their equipment for service and inspection needs and help manage fire inspection schedules.

One Destination For All Your Reporting Needs

Building and Fire Service reports provide clients with numerous advantages and opportunities, including:

  • Monitoring what has been inspected
  • Viewing inspection outcomes
  • Staying up to date on fire inspection schedules
  • Viewing inspection repairs and replacements

This process, powered by, completely streamlines our fire equipment monitoring program and provides a value-added transparency to Shambaugh’s all-inclusive fire protection service.

The benefit here is simple: you have one destination for all of your reporting needs, including fire equipment management, which eliminates missed inspections and testing and allows you a central location for complete inventory management.

Contact us for fire equipment monitoring and maintenance.