Shambaugh & Son is a leader in custom metal fabrication.

State-of-the-Art Fabrication Capabilities

Our in-house approach. Your direct benefits. A distinct advantage of the Shambaugh team is our in-house planning department and fabrication facilities.

Delivery of critical drawings and materials is simplified significantly to streamline your project schedule.

The productivity, activity, actual cost per hour, and schedule savings of prefab have been proven on past projects. Example: roughly 40-50% of all piping and equipment systems can be fabricated!

Time Savings

  • Key components are assembled at our in-house prefab shop, reducing the amount of time spent on the project from weeks to days.
  • The project manager and prefabrication manager can review the drawings together, make changes, and plan ahead.
  • Weather negatively affecting your schedule is considerably lower with assembly taking place in a controlled environment.
  • With custom metal fabrication, the product can be built and stored ahead of schedule.

Labor Savings

  • Special manufacturing methods, tooling, and production controls are utilized to achieve labor savings.
  • Field personnel are able to complete their work with more efficiency since a portion of their work is being done beforehand in our prefab shop.

Ensure Safety

  • Preventing exposure to hazardous situations.
  • Less time spent on elevated platforms or working around dangerous equipment.

Enhanced Quality

  • Products are built in a well-controlled environment using consistent methods.
  • Components can be pretested before they are installed.

Establish Control

  • Project supervisors can focus more attention on the workers on site.
  • Prefabrication in controlled conditions/work area increases safe practices and takes a significant portion of hazards from the construction process.