We provide stainless steel, carbon steel, plumbing, fire protection, electrical, and controls fabrication.

A distinct advantage of the Shambaugh team is our in-house planning department and fabrication facilities.

Delivery of coordinated drawings and prefab materials aids in helping to improve the contract schedule and critical-path work activities for your project.

The controlled environment and schedule-time savings of fabrication allows us to create the assemblies and products in a more productive way, which in turn shortens the installation time in the field.

Time Savings

  • The project team and fabrication manager can review the drawings together in the prefab shop, make changes, and plan ahead.
  • Weather negatively affecting your schedule is not a problem with assembly taking place in a controlled environment.
  • With custom metal fabrication, the product can be built and stored ahead of schedule.


On an annual basis Shambaugh Fabrication Shops produce, complete, assemble, use, load or log ...

  • 650 Miles of Pipe
  • 800,000 Pounds of Structural Steel
  • 18,000 Carbon Welds
  • 28,000 Stainless Welds
  • 150 Skids
  • 250 Platforms, Stairs and Ladders
  • 800 Gallons of Paint
  • 42,000 Pounds of Blast Media
  • 400 Outbound Trucks
  • 90,000 Gallons of Gasses (Argon, C2H2, CO2, O2)
  • 45,000 Pounds of Wire
  • 60 Miles of Conduit
  • 160,000 Man Hours
  • 2,500 Conduit Bends
Fabrication Shop