Electrical Services

Shambaugh & son offers superior electrical installation and maintenance services.
Electrical Construction & Energy Management Systems

Like we have for decades, Shambaugh continues to provide complete Design-Build and integrated electrical services in all areas of electrical construction.

Our full range of services includes sizing, equipment selection for incoming main service, electrical power distribution, motor control, lighting systems, general electrical power systems, electrical construction and maintenance, communication/security systems and energy-saving systems.

A sampling of our electrical capabilities:

  • Electrical code compliance studies and upgrades
  • Control system installation
  • Classified location electrical wiring systems
  • Lighting photometric studies and layout plans using computer generated design
  • Energy management systems and green-light retrofit programs
  • Emergency plant and facilities electrical power restoration services
  • Plant power utilization
  • Single source power, lighting, and controls wiring capability
  • Short electrical circuit/coordination studies
  • Standby power/power conditioning/TVSS
  • Powerfactor and harmonics corrections
  • Design and build electrical high voltage distribution to 69 KV
  • Peak load shaving power generation