Electrical Services

View of a large electrical system at a client facilityFor decades, Shambaugh has provided complete Design-Build and integrated electrical services in all areas of electrical construction.

With offices in Fort Wayne, Indianapolis, Muncie, and Marion, Shambaugh‘s electrical group services a wide array of customers in the Midwest. We pride ourselves in our ability to find solutions to difficult problems and our dedication to providing the highest levels of quality and customer satisfaction in the industry. 

Our team of skilled engineers, managers, and field personnel has extensive experience in a range of industries. We maintain strong regional partnerships with customers in the healthcare, food process, industrial, water treatment, education, municipal, and commercial markets.

Highly Trained Professional Technicians

Shambaugh is committed to offering professional electrical services within a safe work environment. In order to fulfill this commitment, Shambaugh hires the most highly qualified electricians and continually supports them with industry-leading training and technology. Our field electricians also participate in a five-year apprenticeship program.

Preventative Maintenance

Regular preventative maintenance is vital to a successful building management program—it helps preserve the initial capital investment in both building structure and equipment while simultaneously enhancing the sustainability and comfort of the facility. Successful preventative maintenance programs also help determine overall operating costs and reduce disruptions caused by emergency repairs or sudden equipment replacement.

Shambaugh works closely with our customers to develop a comprehensive preventative maintenance program that fits a facility’s specific needs. Our skilled IBEW-trained and -certified electricians help ensure customers receive industry-leading maintenance service.

Service & Special Projects

When an unexpected need arises that isn’t part of a comprehensive maintenance plan, Shambaugh‘s mobile services team is dependable, equipped, and ready to respond. We can tackle small construction projects as they arise, whether that requires fixing an outlet, troubleshooting a generator, or retrofitting a small area or office space.

Shambaugh is proud of our decades-long tradition of serving customers safely, efficiently, on time, and on budget.

To learn how Shambaugh can help optimize your electrical systems,contact us today.

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Parkview Randallia

Parkview Hospital Randallia, FORT WAYNE, IN

Value Delivered

Shambaugh provided both interior and exterior electrical construction services for the 20-month renovation of Parkview Health System’s Parkview Hospital Randallia. The project included the complete transformation of the facility’s outdoor lighting and security systems, as well as a major renovation of the interior electrical system. The extensive renovation project was completed while the hospital remained operational.

Client Objectives

Demand for care and services at Parkview Hospital Randallia began to exceed the hospital’s capacity, and they needed to invest in a wide-scale upgrade to the campus.

Scope of Services

  • Complete upgrades to building lighting, parking lot lighting, and security systems
  • Installation of power, lighting, fire alarm, and system controls
  • Electrical renovations for relocated Family Birthing Center and ICU
  • Electrical systems for 22 new inpatient rooms
  • Additional contract for emergency power paralleling gear upgrade


Shambaugh provided electrical engineering and design for the hospital's complex, highly technical systems. During the exterior renovation, Shambaugh performed a total overhaul which modernized the hospital’s building lighting, parking lot lighting, and security systems.

Client Background

The Parkview Health System is a network of over 80 community hospitals, clinics, and health facilities serving northern Indiana and northwest Ohio. For over 50 years, Parkview and Shambaugh have worked together on a variety of new construction, retrofit, and renovation projects.

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General Motors

General Motors Sustainable Energy FORT WAYNE, IN

Value Delivered

Fort Wayne Assembly, a GM truck and bus assembly plant, recently contracted Shambaugh to perform electrical work on a state-of-the-art sustainable energy system powered by methane gas from landfills. Shambaugh was able to incorporate significant value-engineering deductions into the project. The highly advanced, sustainable system was recently completed and supplies the plant with 28 percent of its electricity, saving GM nearly $3.5 million a year in energy costs. The power output of GM’s prior wind power project and their current landfill gas project together provide 100% of the company’s electricity needs. Fort Wayne Assembly was awarded the 2017 EPA Energy Star Award for superior energy performance.

Client Objectives

GM set out to transform Fort Wayne Assembly into a co-generation, sustainable facility. Powered by methane gas pumped from roughly 8 miles away, the facility was the first plant of its kind to use methane gas produced by landfills to generate electricity.


The highly complex methane system relies upon four 20-cylinder combustible engines attached to four generators, which were furnished and installed by Shambaugh’s team. The piping and electrical work for these generators has become the prototype installation for other GM facilities around the nation.

  • Furnished and installed four 1.6-MW generators
  • Paralleling switchgear
  • 6MVA pad-mounted transformer
  • 24VDC battery system
  • New gas monitoring system and building fire alarm
  • All building lighting and controls 

Client Background

GM is a multinational corporation that designs, manufactures, markets, and distributes vehicles.

Mill Creek Community School

Mill Creek Community School Corporation - Mill Creek Solar Farm Clayton, IN

Value Delivered

Shambaugh installed a state-of-the-art solar farm for the Mill Creek Community School Corporation (Mill Creek). Serving the Mill Creek West Elementary School, the solar farm has substantially decreased the school’s electrical bills and is targeted to produce enough power to offset 100 percent of the school’s annual consumption, transforming the school into a net-zero building for energy consumption.

Client Objectives

Mill Creek envisioned that the Mill Creek West Elementary School could become one of the first schools in the Midwest to build, own, and operate an alternative energy system.


During the project, Shambaugh installed 348 solar panels for the 110W solar facility, which has the capacity to produce more than 430,000-kilowatt hours annually. Along with the solar equipment, Shambaugh also installed highly efficient light emitting diode (LED) lighting for the project, which further lowered Mill Creek’s energy expenses.

Client Background

Formed in 1964, the Mill Creek Community School Corporation serves students in Hendricks County, Indiana. In addition to Mill Creek West Elementary, Mill Creek operates four other schools, all committed to providing an outstanding education to their students.