Culver & Monterey Schools

HVAC & Plumbing Installation Services

Shambaugh & Son installs industrial refrigerators and sprinkler systems.

Shambaugh & Son contracted for the complete HVAC and Plumbing renovations and additions to the Culver Elementary and Monterey Elementary schools in Culver, Indiana.

Commercial HVAC & Plumbing Services Project Description:

  • Complete mechanical renovation of 230,000 total square feet
  • Twenty-five (25) new class room additions, two (2) new cafeteria additions, and
    two (2) new mechanical rooms
  • Deletion of existing steam boilers and equipment
  • Addition of new hot water boilers and equipment
  • Addition of new chilled water systems
  • New and renovated toilet facilities and ADA upgrades

Shambaugh & Son’s $3 million contract on this project included the following mechanical construction scope of work:

Mechanical HVAC Installation Services

  • Six (6) hot water boilers at 750 MBH each
  • Six (6) air-cooled chillers at 60 and 40 tons each
  • Six (6) air handling units
  • Twenty-five (25) new classroom unit ventilators
  • Six (6) new fan coil units with air cooled condensers for dedicated office
  • Steam heating coil replacement with hot water and addition of chilled water
    coils to twenty-six (26) existing classroom ventilators
  • New fin tube radiation

Plumbing Installation Services

  • New walk in coolers / freezers
  • Complete new kitchens and equipment
  • Renovation of eight (8) gang restroom
  • Six (6) new gang restrooms and two (2) new nurse stations

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