Crestview Middle School

Electrical Installation Services

Shambaugh & son satisfies customers with professional process control plan insallation.

Shambaugh & Son was contracted to perform the commercial Electrical work for a new Middle School in Huntington, Indiana.

Electrical Services Project Description:

  • New school building
  • Approximately 30 classrooms
  • Full kitchen and cafeteria- Auditorium and stage
  • Two gymnasiums- Boiler room
  • Football field and stadium seating

Shambaugh & Son’s electrical installation services scope of work

  • Building service rated at 1200 amps, 480/277 volt
  • Electrical Power distribution system for 480/277 and 208/120 volt
  • Surge protection system
  • Emergency Generator and power distribution system
  • Site and interior building lighting
  • Stage lighting and dimming system.
    Scoreboard and Clock systems
  • Kitchen equipment power and controls
  • Central sound system with call back features
  • Fire alarm detection system installations
  • Football field and stadium lighting

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