Concordia Seminary

Mechanical & Electrical Design/Build Renovation Services

Shambaugh & Son excels at installation of automated systems.

The Concordia New Central Utility Plant job was a complete Design-Build renovation of the existing Chiller/Boiler Plant for the entire campus. This was a Shambaugh and Son Design-Build job with Shambaugh being the prime mechanical and electrical contractor, directly performing the commercial Mechanical and Electrical construction on the job. This project added air conditioning to the previously unconditioned Wambsganss Gymnasium, DDC temperature controls, and centralized air conditioning for the entire campus. This is the largest geothermal system in northeastern Indiana. Three (350, 320, and 160 gpm) wells were utilized for chiller condenser water, eliminating the need for cooling towers and significantly reducing the campuses energy costs. All of this HVAC services work was done without disrupting the schedule or the aesthetic beauty of the Erro Saarinen designed campus.

Shambaugh & Son is an electrical construction company providing turnkey construction services.

Shambaugh's M&E design/build services scope of work included:

  • Engineering and Energy Analysis
  • Three new 200 ton chillers
  • Three new 150 HP boilers
  • One 450 gallon storage deaerator
  • Ten new air handling units
  • Three new wells totaling 730 gpm
  • Three primary and six secondary kkchilled water pumps
  • New 304 stainless steel chilled water distribution piping throughout the campus
  • All new electrical power and lighting required by the new construction