Twin Falls, ID

Chobani Expansion


Shambaugh & Son, L.P.


Chobani, Inc.

Services Provided

  • Automation and Controls
  • Electrical
  • Fire Protection
  • Mechanical
  • Process Design
  • Refrigeration
Interior view of the Chobani non-dairy production facility designed by Shambaugh

Value Delivered

In one of the largest expansions in Chobani history, Shambaugh was selected to provide single-source, Design-Build services for a hyper-tracked project adding oat-based, non-dairy milks, yogurts, and a new dairy creamer line to an existing plant.

The project required close cooperation and coordination between the Shambaugh and Chobani teams. Backed with experienced project managers and extensive food processing experience, Shambaugh advanced the challenging project from development to production in only six months, all while maintaining stringent good manufacturing practices (GMP) conditions.

Client Objectives

Faced with a significant increase in demand for non-dairy products, Chobani decided to expand its operation in Twin Falls, Idaho, and needed a design-build team with the capabilities for the job.


For the majority of the project, Shambaugh worked in the existing 1,100,000-square-foot plant, touching most process spaces and utilities. The added oat and dairy creamer processes also included new construction for a 7,000-square-foot building addition and a new 1,050-ton chiller.

Details of the scope of work included:

  • 7,000-square-foot building addition including all plumbing, electrical, HVAC, and fire protection
  • New 1,050-ton packaged chiller and tie-in to existing system
  • Tie-in and extension of existing plumbing and mechanical utilities to new processes
  • New 4,000-amp electrical service
  • New 1,200-amp bus duct
  • Design and fabrication of 12 new UL-approved power/control panels
  • Power and control wiring to new processes and supporting utilities

The project also included the supply and installation of a range of equipment essential to the processing operation, including:

  • All pumps, valves, tanks, heat exchangers, and control devices
  • Process piping and equipment from receiving to filling
  • Bulk oat and sugar ingredient systems
  • Non-dairy batching system
  • Non-dairy clean-in-place system
  • Dairy creamer batching system
  • Ultra-high temperature (UHT) feed system
  • Fabrication of process valve clusters
  • Setting and interconnecting piping to two owner-provided UHTs
  • Setting and interconnecting piping to two owner-provided fillers
  • Design and fabrication of new stainless decks and platforms

Client Background

Founded in 2005, Chobani is an American food company specializing in both dairy and plant-based yogurt products. Chobani employs 2,000 people and operates the largest yogurt facility in the world.

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