“It is almost a miracle what we achieved in partnership. Without Shambaugh & Son and Design-Build, I’m not sure the company would have survived.”
Nick Chilton, President
Wyandot, Inc.

Time is money when your bakery has suffered a potentially business-ending fire. Each day you are down is one more day of uncertainty.

At Shambaugh & Son, we’ve not only met the challenge of working with one such company – but two! Pretzels, Inc. in Bluffton, Indiana and Wyandot Snacks in Marion, Ohio both suffered devastating fires and both were rebuilt in record time. They and their communities beat the odds and came back stronger than before! Shambaugh’s Design-Build approach has proven to save 20% to 30% over other delivery methods. Whether you face a disaster emergency as other Shambaugh clients’ have experienced, or just need a Speed-To-Market edge with fast-track construction, Shambaugh & Son is your solution!

Shambaugh is proud of our partnership with these organizations, as well as Sister Schubert, Nabisco, Keebler, Tyson Foods and others. We encourage you to browse through our bakery projects, and read about the unique 3D BIM and Design-Build advantage we can offer to your facility.

Shambaugh & Son provides sprinkler system design for companies who have suffered fire damage.

Aerial View, Sister Schubert – Horse Cave, KY