Building Information Modeling

Design-Build Services

Shambaugh offers computer modeling of processes, material handling and facilities as an important element of our "self-performed" Design-Build services.

Benefits of Modeling:

  • Production capacity maximized before capital investment made
  • Confidence of capacities and utilization gained before construction
  • "Cut and Try" versus "Cut and Dry"
  • 3D animation for discussion, presentation and training
  • Determine resource requirements
  • Bottleneck identification and elimination
  • Elevated Pre-Fab Modular Construction

BIM 2_350x263.jpgThe resources have process and downtimes mirroring real plant conditions.

Once the system is accurately modeled, we can perform real time statistical analysis to predict any number of properties related to the model.

We may also change the design to optimize the system, providing the customer with the most efficient system for the investment. Once the model is complete, we can build fly-through video clips of the plant for presentations.

At Shambaugh, we take the advantages of simulation to an even higher plateau. The equipment/system design developed in the model serves a 3D BIM template for actual construction drawings.

Through simulation, we are able to resolve constructability issues "up front," which can result in tremendous overall savings for the customer.

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a powerful tool to pull together and coordinate design and construction engineering disciplines.

It provides greater collaboration between members of the design and construction teams, allows a modular prefabricated construction approach, reduces field conflicts and change orders, accelerates the schedule, reduces rework and project costs, provides improved quality control, and yields greater installation productivity.

3D modeling is a key tool for the ultimate success of any complex project. It allows the customer to literally walk through, or fly through, his plant from any angle, from any viewpoint. From that position of being able to view that early on, prior to any construction taking place, they are able to fine tune, with Shambaugh's help, the final product with regard to maintenance, accessibility, operability, ergonomics, and food safety throughout the project.

We go well beyond construction coordination to elevated modular fabrication, reducing both cost and schedule. Collision Avoidance software prevents rework in prefabrication or construction. Shambaugh & Son uses the Plant Design Suite modeling software to efficiently accomplish BIM.

Some recent Shambaugh enhancements include the development and utilization of BIM to reduce construction installation costs, prevent changes downstream, and yield modular prefabrication to reduce both cost and schedule...through BIM we are able to maximize the profitability of your plant!