Award-winning and life-changing. By design.

At Shambaugh, we recognize that people are our most important resource, and protecting our resources is paramount to the design of our safety program. Our safety program is designed to create a healthy and safe work environment throughout all phases of a project, and to consider the safety of others who may be affected by a project.

It’s safe to say that safety was designed with both the construction and end user perspective in mind. During construction, rules and regulations often dictate which safety elements are required; however, things like access points, load requirements, fall prevention, security and alarms, and air quality all factor into design safety for both construction and end user.

Safe at every level.

Shambaugh & Son's commitment to safety can be felt at every level of the company, from the top down and the bottom up. Our approach helps guarantee the safest possible construction Design-Build mechanical, electrical, plumbing, refrigeration, fire protection, and facilities maintenance projects.

We’re proud to have earned an EMR of 0.55!

Our award-winning safety program includes:


  • Full-Time Corporate Safety Director – Certified Safety Professional (CSP), Construction Health and Safety Technician
  • Comprehensive Corporate Safety Manual
  • Employee Safety Handbook
  • Annual Safety Incentive Program
  • Video and Hands-on Safety Training Oriented to Tasks
  • EMCOR’s Be There For Life! ZERO Accident Program
  • Numerous Industry Awards and Recognition For Our Safety Program
  • Safety Coordinators in All Branch Locations and Corporate Divisions
  • Coalition for Construction Safety (CCS) Certified and CCS partner with Indiana Occupational Health and Safety Administration (IOSHA), Shambaugh & Son's excellent track record makes us exempt from General Schedule IOSHA inspections in the state of Indiana and has been recognized as Voluntary Protection Programs (VPP) participants on projects across America


  • OSHA 30-hour and 10-hour Trained Personnel
  • Construction 10-hour Training for Client
  • Accident Recording/Tracking System
  • Weekly On-Site Tool Box Safety Meetings
  • Weekly Documented Job Site Inspections by Supervision
  • Job Site Safety Incentive Program
  • ProTask Safety Analysis Performed Daily for Every Crew
  • Electronic Site Audit Program Complies with Company-wide Leading Indicators of Safety

As an EMCOR company, Shambaugh has access to the myriad safety resources developed and distributed by EMCOR’s award-winning Corporate Safety Department. This includes access to EMCOR’s comprehensive library of over 1,000 Good Work Practices—each of them developed to address specific safety concerns.

Additionally, as part of EMCOR, Shambaugh and the rest of EMCOR’s companies boast safety performance far better than the Bureau of Labor Statistics industry averages, with a rate of injury that is consistently 60-75 percent lower than our competitors. This safety record explains why CNA Insurance Company and others have recognized us as an industry standard-setter.