Russer Foods Buffalo, New York

Simulation/Modeling Services for Food Processing

Shambaugh & Son installs state-of-the-art automated systems. 

Purpose of Simulation: After moving production from one part of a plant to another in their meat packing facility, Russer Foods was unable to reach full production capacity. Shambaugh & Son was selected to produce a simulation model of Russer’s packaging room. Problems existed in the way the food processing system was set up and running; but, no one could identify the exact cause. With the use of Real Time Simulation, Shambaugh & Son was able to answer “what if” questions about the food processing system layout. This allowed Russer to see their food processing operation from a new perspective and perform statistical studies on the current operation. Finger pointing between plant and management personnel was now alleviated and morale was improved.

Goals of Simulation:

  • Define equipment down times and its effect on the food processing system.
  • Determine utilization of all employees in the system.
  • Determine utilization of all equipment in the system.
  • Determine the daily production based on sample product mix.
  • Make recommendations and test changes in the system.

Results of Simulation:

  • Utilizations of employees were determined and recommendations made on how to utilize employees more efficiently.
  • Redundant job positions were identified and recommendations on how to change equipment to reduce employees on the line and improve utilizations.
  • Conveyor layout options were suggested and tested with results forwarded to Russer Foods.
  • Equipment was unreliable which produced a chain reaction of down times that were due to a lack of surge capacity in the whole system. Increasing surge capacity would reduce the impact of a break down on the overall food processing system.